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Doris Salcedo - Untitled (1998)

Nick Darmstaedter
Cross Bow
Q: What's the favorite museum you've ever visited?

It’s probably just me but I’m gonna miss the Whitney being in that building. I always liked it.

Bologna’s modern art museum was really nice though. They had an exciting collection and the building was really nice.

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Isaac Brest @ Sean Kelly 

Miroco Machiko

It’s small and I obviously didn’t catch it because it’s like theres a larger phrase that’s very common and I guess we process the phrase and not the words so the order doesn’t matter really
until you have to retype half the book
and then you notice.

"two half and a years" vs. "two and a half years"

That’s a bummer too because it’s in the one about Chloe Sevigny.

Just found some missed editing in Tan Lines. Oops.


Franz Kline

hey hey by James Hoff.

Julia Dault

David Santillanes