What movie should watch in bed tonight. Some stupid high school teen drama shit.

I just want a Jil Sander wallet.


Yolanda SánchezIn the Heat of the Moment (1), 2012Oil on Arches paper30 x 22 inches

oh right I have class at 9am tomorrow right 

My hair is at this weird length where it still stands up weird on it’s own and goes in a lot different directions and I mostly want it to not.

Q: What do you get from tumblr that you don't get from art school ? And what do you get from art school you don't get from tumblr?

Tumblr hasn’t put me in debt.

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bram bogart

Who wants to make some performance art where you take off my shirt and read the second of half of The Basketball Diaries to me?

Q: do you kill bugs? like if you saw a spider in your room what would you do??

Smack that fucker away. It can sit in the corner all it wants but you leave there and we’re gonna battle royale.

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Q: Fav experience with an extranger? Like a conversation or smile, idk

Looking at a Twombly and smiling and no one says anything. Also one time a tall blonde boy smiled at me twice in Starbucks.

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Q: How do you take yor coffee? And If you answered no to the previous, what do you drink?

I drink mochas.

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Q: Tell me about your crush?

He’s a boy. He’s pretty cute.

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