Igor Tepikin's portraits of King Krule.



Yue Minjun, Idol Series No. 008, 1996.

Johnny Weissmuller / Unidentified artist, Pach Brothers Studio / Gelatin silver print, c. 1924 / National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

Fruit Tree from spring 2013

Cy Twombly.

Cy Twombly, Roman Notes

Cy Twombly at #hamburgerbahnhof #cytwombly #painting #art #kunst #berlin #germany  (her: Hamburger Bahnhof- Museum für Gegenwart)

I have to be up in 6 hours but I wanna lay here listening to Beyoncé.

Q: What art school did you go to

I went to Carnegie Mellon University.

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Q: Is your muffin buttered?


I have to toast it first.

You are the most disgusting person I will ever meet.

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Q: I love art but whenever I'm in a school based environment I find myself beginning to dislike it more and more. How did you make it through your art courses and do you still have the same appreciation for art as you did previously (or less or more)?

I guess I wouldn’t classify it as less or more but just different? My relationship with art is very different than when I entered school and is changing a lot since graduating. You realize it’s all entirely up to you to make it and once I began pursuing things that were of interest to me and treating them like they’re serious and letting myself get fully immersed and upset about them, the occasional drama of art school didn’t bother me so much. The experience I had was largely positive one. I had great peers and a safe place to do and say almost anything. I tell myself everyday that the only person I answer to is me. Somedays it rings louder than others but that became my mantra during my last two years of school. Learning to be a council of one. Appreciating the outside opinion but not relying on it for forward momentum. I dunno if that helps.
I read a lot since finishing school. It’s how I stay connected to and in dialogue with art or whatever. It keeps my head in a narrative when I’m too tired or lazy or busy to worry about and record my own. Habits that you justify to yourself as relevant to the maintenance of your work helps. It’s not that it has to be fun all the time even, just something where you can be hopelessly bored and contented at the same time and feel like you’ve done something when you decide to stop.
Art school doesn’t last forever which is a blessing and also terrifying. I’m beginning to accept that slowing down is healthy. I haven’t been as productive and nothing says I have to be. You have to indulge selfishly to make it all feel right I think.
I’m rambling. I dunno.

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